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STEP Canada respects the privacy of users of this web site. We have developed this privacy policy to demonstrate our proactive approach to member concerns.

Anyone whose name, email address or other personal information appears on this web site may contact STEP Canada to request removal, with the exception of current employees and branch executive and committee members whose contact information needs to be available to members.

The Online Directory is maintained as a service to members. Members who for any reason do not wish to be included in the directory may contact STEP Canada by email, telephone, fax or mail to request removal.

Similarly, anyone who has contributed articles, announcements or other information may contact STEP Canada to request their removal from the web site.

All reasonable requests will be honored promptly. Please include your name and full contact information, and indicate what information you want removed and where on the site that information appears.


Terms of Use

While STEP Canada makes the greatest effort to ensure that the information on this web site is current, accurate and relevant, we make no guarantees of any kind about accuracy. All material is presented as is.

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