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Assessment by Exam

Assessment by Exam: Exams


Exam Format

Examinations are open-book and three hours in length. They may consist of a combination of multiple choice, true/false, short answer and case study questions, as decided.

Examinations are graded separately and, for the Diploma to be awarded, a passing mark of 60% must be achieved in each of the following examinations: Law of Trusts, Taxation of Trusts & Estates, and Wills, Trust & Estate Administration.

NOTE: The evaluation of the final course, Trust & Estate Planning, is based on two written assignments and a final exam. Each assignment is worth 20% of your mark and the final exam is worth 60% of your mark. You must score a minimum of 50% on the final exam. The guidelines and format for submission of the written assignments are found on the Student Resources section of the website for Trust & Estate Planning.

If the assignment due date falls on a weekend, the assignments are due on the following business day.


Exam Timing and Location

Exams are held twice a year for all students currently enrolled in any of the four courses. Exams will be administered everywhere a STEP Canada branch is located: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. If you have special needs with respect to the location or facilities for an exam, please contact STEP Canada Education.

When you enroll for a course, you will be asked to choose and register for either one of the next two sittings. You should choose a sitting that is at least four months after your date of registration. We will send you an email with the full location details well in advance of your sitting date.

2019 May 27, 2018 November 4, 2019
2020 May 27, 2020 November 4, 2020


Exam Tips

For tips on preparing and writing a STEP Assessment by Exam exam, please click here.


Exam Rules and Regulations

The Assessment by Exam Rules and Regulations changed October 1, 2016. Students who registered for the Assessment by Exam before October 1, 2016 will be subject to grandfathered Rules and Regulations. Students who register for the Assessment by Exam after September 30, 2016, will be subject to the current Rules and Regulations, also available in French.


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