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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Is the STEP Canada Assessment by Exam for you?

Courses covering the major areas of estate planning expertise:

  • Law of Trusts
  • Taxation of Trusts & Estates
  • Wills, Trust & Estate Administration
  • Trust & Estate Planning


Membership: Benefits

Information Exchange, Networking and Events
  • STEP has over 18,500 members worldwide in 80 jurisdictions.
  • STEP brings senior practitioners together, cutting across professional boundaries. Members share their knowledge and expertise in areas as diverse as Estates and Succession; Family and Guardianship Law; Domestic and Offshore Trusts; Insurance and Financial Services; International Law; Anti-Money Laundering; and Tax and Business Law.
  • Through meetings, seminars, lectures and the exchange of technical papers and reports, members benefit greatly from a network of contacts.
  • STEP conferences are held at international, national, regional and branch level and feature senior practitioners and academics.

  • STEP Canada offers the following educational opportunities to students and practitioners to enhance their knowledge in the trust and estate field:
    • The STEP Canada Assessment by Exam is an exam route targeted at those who wish to specialize in the trust and estate field.
    • The STEP Canada Assessment by Essay route is an essay route to membership and is designed to permit qualified professionals active in the trust and estate field to consolidate their knowledge and experience.

STEP Journal, Trust Quarterly Review, STEP Inside, STEP Insider, STEP Directory & Yearbook and STEP Website, STEP Marketing Brochures
  • The STEP Journal features the latest news and developments for practitioners.
  • The Trust Quarterly Review contains the latest technical papers from leading practitioners.
  • STEP Canada's newsletter STEP Inside features case studies and the latest news and developments in Canada delivered 3 times annually.
  • STEP Insider is an electronic monthly summary featuring branch events, practitioner opportunities job board, education center, and relevant news updates.
  • The STEP Directory & Yearbook feature valuable jurisdictional information as well as member listings for all Full members.
  • provides the premier online technical resource in the trust and estate world.
  • STEP marketing brochures (Why Make a Trust? Why Make a Will? Why Make a Lasting Power of Attorney?)

Lobbying and Representation
  • STEP represents the interests of its members with regulators, government departments and international organizations.
  • STEP monitors legislation and where appropriate canvasses for changes in the law.

STEP Branches and Administration
  • Local STEP branches have their own committees and officers who are responsible for continuing professional development, educational and social programs.

STEP Canada

STEP Canada brings together leading industry experts to deliver top-rate educational, networking and advocacy programs.

  • Trust, estate and tax planning is big business in Canada and is expected to become increasingly vital as Canadians face a rapidly aging demographic. STEP Canada works to protect the trust, estate and tax planning industry by educating the public and government bodies about the important ways STEP Canada members serve Canadians through generating, preserving and transferring wealth.
  • STEP Canada offers members exclusive networking opportunities through non-partisan information sharing at both the national and international levels.
  • Several times a year, STEP Canada branches deliver educational programs and seminars on industry topics and issues to members and non-members across Canada, which are designed to appeal to the organization's diverse membership base.
  • STEP Canada's national conference is regarded as the industry's premier forum, attracting high profile participants and speakers each year to this event.

STEP Canada is committed to delivering maximum value to all members.

  • STEP Canada is responsive to the needs of its members and is committed to providing them with ongoing opportunities to learn about and respond to industry trends and issues, including regulatory requirements and reform.
  • STEP Canada is a credible voice for the trust, estate and taxation planning industry and continues to play an active role in maintaining dialogue with other institutions and organizations to garner widespread support for its activities.

TEP Designation (Trust and Estate Practitioner)
  • Full members can use the TEP designation after their name.

Additional Member Entitlements

All members, including student and technician members, are entitled to:

  • Attend Branch, national and international meetings and conferences at special member rates
  • Receive the STEP Membership Directory and Yearbook
  • Receive The STEP Journal
  • Receive STEP Canada's newsletter STEP Inside
  • Receive STEP Canada's monthly electronic newsletter STEP Insider
  • Access STEP's web-based worldwide resources pages
  • Receive STEP's International News

Assessment by Exam students receive:

  • A Certificate of Achievement on successfully registering and completing all their course requirements.
  • Invitation to full membership (two years’ experience in the industry required), and use of the TEP designation, upon final approval from STEP Worldwide.

Assessment by Essay students receive:

  • A Certificate of Achievement on successfully completing their essay requirements.
  • Invitation to full membership, and use of the TEP designation upon final approval from STEP Worldwide.

Full members are additionally entitled to:

  • Receive a Certificate of Membership of STEP
  • Have a personal listing in the STEP Membership Directory (this is also available to affiliate members)
  • Exercise voting rights
  • Stand for election to STEP governing bodies.

Member Discounts and Special Offers:

  • Special offers are available to STEP members on trust and estate books from various publishers.
  • There are discounts on journals such as Wills and Trusts Law Reports, Portfolio International, Solicitors Journal and the Economist.
  • Reduced rates are offered on educational training videos and other services.
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